Market Projects

Harlan CSD Facility Improvements

Location: Harlan, IA
Category: K-12 Education

Denovo began its partnership with Harlan CSD by conducting a thorough facility assessment, highlighting maintenance gaps and programming issues. Collaborating with district leadership, we devised an actionable plan for improvements.
We proceeded to master planning, supporting our design partners in evaluating project feasibility and costs. This phase reaffirmed the need for a new Intermediate School, significant high school renovations, and district-wide maintenance.

Denovo guided the district through staff meetings and programming activities to efficiently tackle identified gaps. We offered feasible solutions at each stage, aiding the formation of a facility committee to align available funding with project scope. This resulted in a school board-approved bond vote in September 2022, essential for aligning project scope with community support and funding.

During the bond campaign, we supplied customized materials and a community engagement strategy. The bond passed, quickly transitioning us into the design phase.

What sets Denovo apart is our focus on early-stage design details. Our proactive approach maintained budget and scope control. Each design step included cost analyses and constructability reviews, resulting in three separate projects. Construction commenced just six months post-bond approval, backed by a competitive bidding process with qualified candidates.

Our full-time site superintendent managed all construction contracts, ensuring effective communication through regular contractor and owner meetings. We kept the School Board updated with monthly executive summaries and prioritized safety protocols for both students and contractors.

Services: Facility Assessment, Planning, Bond Referendum Support, Construction Management