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Denovo aims to provide cities with sought-after public-use facilities in a financially feasible package. The team’s extensive experience in public works brings planning, funding, and construction strategies to cities looking for a dynamic investment in their future.

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Our Focus

Many cities have been clear about their desire for multi-purpose spaces where they can gather and provide needed programming and services to benefit the health and well-being of their community. The path to these types of spaces is much less clear. Oftentimes the hurdle of envisioning, planning, designing and managing the process is so overwhelming that city stakeholders feel stranded. Denovo serves as that valuable team member that has the expertise and focus to identify, design and deliver on behalf of municipalities.

Our Solutions

Denovo’s integrated planning process starts with providing an accurate picture of your immediate and long term community facility needs. Project prioritization is determined by stakeholders and a plan is put into place. From here, Denovo aligns with key decision makers in your city to begin laying the groundwork for a remarkable community asset.

Brian Crawford

Business Development Executive

Program Management