Substantial Facility Improvement Project Approved at Harlan CSD

Voters in the Harlan Community School District approved a $22.9 million bond issue in a special election held Tuesday, September 13. The District will now proceed with a $32 million renovation and upgrade project that effects all four buildings on HCSD’s campus with the goal of improving safety and educational spaces for students and staff.

The projects will be phased over three years, with invasive work scheduled during school breaks to minimize student disruption. The funded projects include:

Primary School

  • Accessible Playground Equipment
  • Outdoor Safety Fencing
  • Art & Music Room Maintenance

Intermediate School

  • New Facility Serving Grades 3-5
  • Secure Entrance
  • Modern Learning Environment
  • Accessible Playground

Middle School 

  • Gym Air Conditioning
  • Renovate Media Center
  • Required Maintenance

High School 

  • Renovate Auditorium
  • Renovate Science Rooms & Classrooms
  • Renovate Media Center
  • Revise Secure Entrance
  • Hall of Excellence
  • Required Maintenance

Denovo has been a partner with the Harlan School District since the Fall of 2021 when they were hired to complete a district-wide assessment of facility conditions. In response to the findings, a Core Facility Committee was established by HCSD and led by Denovo to further prioritize the building and maintenance goals of the district. The support and passing of the bond referendum in September is an affirmation that the current projects and long-range plan for the district’s facilities align with the values of Harlan and the surrounding communities. Denovo looks forward to continuing to foster the district’s ambitions through the upcoming design and construction phases.